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Hey Guys: I am Tamara (Tammy) I am from the burbs of Chicago ...

I am a kinky lil MILF. And into everything you can think of ...

I may have even heard of your fantasy.... Email me or call ...

Either way I think you will find out I am a HORNY lady who loves talking FILTH....
I am a NO Taboo girl Means = I will talk about everything ... BUT I am letting ya know now I pay special to the guys who are Cuckolds , Sissies , LOSER'S , Panty Boy's ,lil Dicks n every other TYPE of man out there .... I LOVE BBC mmmm BUT I also enjoy Eating Pussy so just ask you will never know unless U ASK....

Do you like be kinky and dress up in pretty clothes?

Are you a sissy boy who loves to just feel feminine in girly things or are you one of those sissy sluts who like to suck cock and get butt fucked by a beautiful, sensual woman like me?

Either way I can assist you in your cross-dressing desires with my seductive voice or I can slip on my big strap on and give it to you like the whore that you areI love sizing up small cock cuckies. Call me so I can talk all about your teeny weeny cock. I enjoy telling you how much bigger my man's cock is then yours. Id love to see your small cock too. Send me a pic before callin so I can size you up! Chastity devices are some of my favorite toys. My bois must be femizined and super pretty for me.

Im a FemDom ready to humiliate you and point out your inadequacies. I want to make fun of you and tell all of my friends how small your cock is. Sending me a picture helps me elaborate even more just how pathetic you really are.

I enjoy feminizing and pimpin out sissies. Let me be your pimp. You can be a whore and I can be your pimp to give you the guidance you need. Let's talk all about it. The game is to be sold not told, for free!

You've been a bad boy, haven't you? Mistress knows you need someone to confess all those dirty little secrets to. You need a Mistress that is going to give you the control on your life you so desperately seek, you need to give yourself to me completely and obey every word that comes from Mistress' luscious lips. Now come on my little pussy bitch, and be Mistress's good little slut pick up the phone and call me now slave!

Call me if you want a Mistress here are a few topics that Mistress Tamara

  • Tease & denial Phone Sex
  • Lulu Lemon Fetish Phone Sex
  • Discipline Phone Sex
  • Sissy Phone Sex
  • BDSM Phone Sex
  • Humiliation Phone Sex
  • Pegging/Strap-on Play Phone Sex
  • Sissification Phone Sex
  • Sensual & Hardcore Domination Phone Sex
  • Cuckold Phone Sex
  • Chastity, Forced Intoxication Phone Sex
  • Intoxication Encouragement Phone Sex
  • Worship Phone Sex
  • Confessions Phone Sex
  • Blackmail Phone Sex
  • Panty Sniffing Phone Sex
  • Forced BI Phone Sex
  • Spandex Worship Phone Sex
  • Sneaker Sniffing Phone Sex
  • Small penis humiliation Phone Sex
  • Complete Sissy Slut Transformation Phone Sex
  • Female Domination Phone Sex
  • Verbal Domination Phone Sex
  • Strict Mommy Phone Sex
  • Foot Fetish/Worship Phone Sex
  • Getting High Phone Sex
  • Poppers Phone Sex
  • Raise The Rate Phone Sex
  • Edging Phone Sex
  • Financial Domination Phone Sex
  • Homewrecker Phone Sex
  • Smothering Phone Sex
  • Face Staring Phone Sex
  • Leather Glove Fetish Phone Sex
  • Sock Fetish Phone Sex
  • Crossing Leg Fetish Phone Sex
  • Ignoring Phone Sex

If you’re not looking for a Mistress then check out my Favorite Topics, I am sure you will find something that gets your mind going and your cock hard, and then you can call and get off with me!

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