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Hi Iím Sammi and I am a taboo girl.

I love hearing what you have done or thought about have done.

I get so turned on and so wet if were luck then we both will cum together over the phone..

I could tell you about what has happened and what I have done..

I get turned on telling you and I know if your into what I have done then your will get rock hard and cum with me..

I love acting out the Daddy/ Daughter role Ė play being your good little girl and doing what daddy wants because I love my daddy.. I love the family taboo we can be whoever you want and do whatever you want as long as we both get turned on and cum babyÖ

We donít have to talk about family.. We can just play with each other you can pick me up at the club and we get a room for some hot fucking..

I just love the thought of my throat wrapped around a nice hard cock while getting my tight ass fucked from behind. A hot slutty gangbang is at the top of my list as my ultimate fantasies! I have a very twisted mind that loves to explore any kinky fantasy! I will try anything once and even twice if I didnít like it the first time! I have many erotic stories about my little escapades when Iíd leave home as a teen. From hitchhiking, and ending up in a restroom fucking this couple, or how my daddy would play with me.

I can be Mommy who loves her boy so much: Mommy knows all your secrets. I see in your room jerking off with the door partly open so I can come in there and catch you. I know that you sneak into my room at night, while you THINK I'm sleeping and you touch my naked body while you stroke yourself. CALL MOMMY NOW!

I saw you peeking in on me this morning while I was laying on my stomach pleasuring myself. I must admit, knowing you were watching me get off made my pussy even wetter. Did you get off on hearing the sounds your mother makes when she is cumming? CALL MOMMY NOW!

I know you steal my panties out of the hamper and jerk off all over them before putting them back. I know you like watching me get dressed in the morning and you sometimes get dressed in Mommy's silky panties, nighties, stockings and high heels. CALL MOMMY NOW!

We can be vanilla during our call or we can be that nasty, naughty, perverted, just call and tell me what youíre looking for. You can also go to my Favorite Topics or Role-Play and we can go from there find what you want and then grab the phone and call once I answer you can grab your cock and start to play with meÖ

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I use these when I have no voice and just whisper, these cost a little
more because guys get off fast!!

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